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I've been a professional songwriter for over 40 years. During that time I've had songs recorded by some well known artists and some songs used in TV and movies. I've worked with some well known songwriters ( a Grammy winner and an Oscar nominee) and been tutored by some well known teachers. One of my most thrilling accomplishments was winning the N.Y. Songwriters Hall Of Fame Songwriting Contest in 1985. I've been involved in and with various songwriting organizations such as NSAI, BMI, and NMPA. Currently I am a member of VOCAL (Virignia Org. of Composers and Lyricists). I also have been involved in mentoring up and coming songwriters with online critiques and helpful rewrite suggestions. In recent years I have taken up the guitar and piano as ways of improving and expanding my songwriting abilities. Some of my self-composed songs are on the "music" page on this site. Also check my "links" page for other sites.

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